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Lighting – Denver

March 31, 2011

As many of you may know, I am mostly an available light photographer.  I feel it gives me the freedom to move around quickly, especially for shooting small children, which allows me to capture moments and personalities easily.  No flashes, no cords, no stands, no reflectors….just pure available light given from the sun above.  I love this light and I love finding it in most every situation.  However, as I just wrote, “most every situation”, there are times where a little flash is needed and there are other times where a lot of flash is needed.  I’ve know when to use flash and when not to; yet, I’ve seen what flash can do to make situations where available light is just fine, to a situation where a little flash can make backgrounds look amazing, eyes sparkle, and colors pop.

This led to my goal for this year: to master off-camera flash in a simple, compact form.  I do not wish to turn into a flash only using photographer; because, as you can see from Brody’s last pictures (Brody -V), the available light was amazing!!!  Yet, for portrait sessions especially, flash can give you a lot more creative images and I want to learn to be quick about it this year.

So when Audrey contacted me to help her out with a school project (she chose photography as her subject for the project), I said “Of course!!! Want to learn lighting?”.  So, I went over basics with Audrey and then we both experimented with the lights to see what we could get.

The images below are the first of this year’s project for me.  I’m excited to try new approaches and get new gear!!  You will see how, even through this shoot alone, the lighting changed greatly.

Thanks a ton to Audrey for helping!!!!

The very first image is available light only for a reference point.

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  1. March 31, 2011 5:22 pm

    WOW Miss Audrey—-Good pictures!!!!!

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