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Lighting Part IV

June 5, 2011

Recently, I have been able to put some of my new knowledge of off-camera lighting to use.  Below are some images taken at the last couple of weddings I’ve second shot for.

The first two images were taken while working with Daylene Wilson of Daylene Wilson Photographic.  The sunset was magnificent, so my first set up was within about 2 minutes to get a quick shot of them and the beautiful colors behind.  However, I did take a little more time to set up the second shot, which I am most happy with!!!

The second set of shots were taken while working for David Gaston of Gaston Photography.  The wedding took place at Dunafon Castle….BEAUTIFUL!!!!!….I was so excited to shoot there!!! BUT, the groom got ready in the “dungeon” where there were just a few light bulbs, no windows, and it was painted black!  I set up two flashes and you can see what I achieved.  The first image could have been better if I had placed one of the flashes higher and filled with a third.  Yet, I’m still very happy with the image, especially with the situation given 🙂  The final image I really love for the moment and the light helps magnify it.

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