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Dolfi Family {Highlands Ranch Family Photography}

January 18, 2013

You may remember adorable Hayden from awhile back (  Well, last fall I had the pleasure of photographing his family during which I discovered he was about to become a big brother!!  To twins no less!!  Here are a few images from last fall and following are images of his two beautiful siblings!  I am so lucky to have met such a great family and I look forward to watching them grow together for many years to come 🙂

10-7-12 Dolfi_151 10-7-12 Dolfi_12 10-7-12 Dolfi_06 3 10-7-12 Dolfi_29 2 1-12-13 Dolfi_010 1-12-13 Dolfi_009 1-12-13 Dolfi_015 1-12-13 Dolfi_018 1-12-13 Dolfi_038 1-12-13 Dolfi_033 2 1-12-13 Dolfi_065 1-12-13 Dolfi_062 1-12-13 Dolfi_060 1-12-13 Dolfi_073 1 1-12-13 Dolfi_094 1-12-13 Dolfi_081 1-12-13 Dolfi_086 1-12-13 Dolfi_099 1-12-13 Dolfi_045

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