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Stephanie & Chris Engaged {Boulder Engagement Photographer}

July 29, 2013

What an amazing session!  A couple months back, this wonderful couple contacted me about shooting their engagement session in Boulder.  They really wanted to have their session on the CU campus and at Chautauqua Park because of all the memories they shared there.  We met up on a day that threatened to rain, but thankfully never did, and had so much fun creating memorable images!  Not only are they a beautiful couple; but, they are sweet, accomplished, and smart as well.  People like them make my job so easy 🙂

2013-07-29_0001 2013-07-29_0026 2013-07-29_0004 2013-07-29_0007 2013-07-29_0025 2013-07-29_0008 2013-07-29_0003 2013-07-29_0027 2013-07-29_0029 2013-07-29_0009 2013-07-29_0010 2013-07-29_0012 2013-07-29_0013 2013-07-29_0028 2013-07-29_0030 2013-07-29_0014 2013-07-29_0015 2013-07-29_0016 2013-07-29_0017 2013-07-29_00182013-07-29_0031 2013-07-29_0019 2013-07-29_0020 2013-07-29_0021 2013-07-29_0022 2013-07-29_0024 2013-07-29_0023

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