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Estes Park Fun! – Seniors 2015 {Highlands Ranch Senior Photographer}

August 6, 2013


Earlier this summer I was contacted by Allie with an interest to be a Lola Photography Rep for next year.  I said why wait, let’s do something fun THIS year!  So we did!!  She gathered several of her friends and we met to pick a couple fun themes for the shoot.  The first segment was inspired by Mad Men, while the second had a mountain summer romance feel.   Hair and makeup was done by the AMAZING Erin Ferris!  You will see just how talented she is in these images!  Such a fun shoot with great juniors from Mountain Vista High School!

2013-08-06_0001 2013-08-06_0003 2013-08-06_0004 2013-08-06_0010 2013-08-06_0009 2013-08-06_0011 2013-08-06_0007 2013-08-06_0008 2013-08-06_0006 2013-08-06_00122013-08-06_0043 2013-08-06_00312013-08-06_0038 2013-08-06_0046 2013-08-06_0049 2013-08-06_0047 2013-08-06_00542013-08-06_0057 2013-08-06_0042 2013-08-06_0048 2013-08-06_00552013-08-06_0058 2013-08-06_0037 2013-08-06_0040 2013-08-06_00532013-08-06_0036 2013-08-06_0035 2013-08-06_00412013-08-06_00322013-08-06_0034 2013-08-06_00522013-08-06_0039 2013-08-06_0056

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