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Grandparent Love – {Highlands Ranch Family Photographer}

November 1, 2013

I was so excited when I got the call to photograph this session.  It was all about capturing a day with the grandparents.  These two precious little girls LOVE going to their grandparents to play.  And when they do, the day is filled with tea parties, chess games, flower picking, and more.  It is so important to remember to capture moments with grandparents…I know I have very few images of mine, especially of me WITH them.   I would love to have a photo of my grandmother’s home in Oklahoma with the ancient dolls she’d let me play with and her old kitchen table with a big jar of Tang on it with her making me a glass.  Or the bushes I’d hide in or the forts I’d build with my brother in the front yard.  Or just a photo of her wonderful smile when she’d look at me.  This session captured moments like these and I know they will be cherished forever.  Enjoy the beauty of the bond between grandparents and their grandchildren.


2013-11-01_0021 2013-11-01_0005 2013-11-01_0002 2013-11-01_0003 2013-11-01_0007 2013-11-01_0012 2013-11-01_0001 2013-11-01_0011 2013-11-01_0008 2013-11-01_0009 2013-11-01_0010 2013-11-01_0013 2013-11-01_0016 2013-11-01_0015 2013-11-01_0017 2013-11-01_0018 2013-11-01_0020 2013-11-01_0019


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